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Capable of optimizing the extrusion, bending & adjustable dies to meet the precise requirements of clients' applications..
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Gayatri Kripa Engineering is a couple of years old engineering company geared to meet varied dies requirement of metal working and other industries. The shapes and sizes of final product that can be made with our offered dies are unlimited. Solid, semi-hollow and hollow shape products can be developed with solid and hollow dies. We are working as a manufacturer & supplier under the leadership of Mr. Bidhi Chand Raj. The kinds of die we can supply include, but are not limited to Extrusion Dies, Aluminum Extrusion Die, Bending Dies and Adjustable Dies.

Extrusion dies offered are an essential tool in the extrusion process. Our engineers work with product designer and extruder to recognize their requirements and come up with die that is cost effective, quality approved. Extrusions can be made from any metal alloy. The aluminum extrusions created from the aluminum extrusion die are light weight, strong, resilient, resistant to corrosion, non magnetic, and seamless. The metal and alloys that can be extruded are brass, copper, lead, magnesium, zinc, steel and titanium. The surface finish of the extrusions is excellent. Using the bending dies offered by us, metal working industries can bend the sheets and plates to create round products.

The engineering team in our company is capable of developing 110 dies in a month. The customers whom we have served appreciate the knowledge and understanding of our employees have in the intricacies of die making.


Customers can use our dies in the forming process to create products, like:
  • Tanks
  • Drums
  • Pipe & tubing
  • Profile
  • Rods
  • Wires
Strategically Located

The production unit of Gayatri Kripa Engineering is located in Rajkot, the forth largest city of Indian state Gujarat. Automotive parts, appliances, machine tools, and many other industrial products are developed in the city. We serve industries that use press with a variety of dies for forming several parts. We supply the bespoke dies to companies residing in different cities of Gujarat through a fleet of vehicles. The city is well connected to other regions with State highways, like GJ SH1, GJ SH17, GJ SH22, GJ SH23, GJ SH24, GJ SH25, GJ SH26, GJ SH31, and GJ SH31A.